New Subscription Plans - Ultimate Beginner Not Available

I checked into upgrading to Ultimate Beginner, but even though it appears as on option on several pages (Upgrade for More and Read for Free with the Ultimate Beginner Subscription), the plan is not available for selection. You either get a 404 Not Found error, or you are taken back to the page that lists the three new plans, Ultimate Team, Pro and Beginner. Is this a bug or have you decided to withdraw Ultimate Beginner plan and forgot to update your website?

Hi @magic47

Sorry for the confusion here. I’ve just checked your account and I can see you’re on a Legacy plan. Unfortunately this means you are unable to upgrade to an Ultimate Beginner Subscription. This is mainly because the subscription you currently have gives you access to all of the video content on our site whereas if you upgraded to the Ultimate Beginner subscription, you’d only have access to beginner content (videos and books).

The plan you’re on is actually a really good deal unless you’re interested in books and offline video content. If so, you’d need to upgrade to the Ultimate Professional plan which would mean you have access to all of the content on our site.

I hope this makes sense.


Thank you for the explanation, I understand. My reason for wanting to upgrade to Ultimate Beginner was to get access to the beginner series of books, but on the other hand I do prefer to have access to all videos. For the difference between the two plans, Pro and Legacy, which is $300/year, I can just buy the few beginner books that interest me and have plenty leftover for coffee and cake!

But what happens when it’s time to renew my current Legacy subscription in January, 2022? Do I get to keep it or will I be forced to upgrade to Pro?


@katiecollins Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

@magic47 sure that sounds like a good plan! Always good to have spare left for coffee & cake!

In terms of your renewal, no there’s nothing you need to do here if you want to remain on your legacy plan. There is no pressure to upgrade. Your subscription will renew at the legacy price. If you did cancel though, we are no longer selling that product on the site so you’d have to move onto an Ultimate plan if you wanted to resubscribe.

I hope this helps!