New game for the Apple Watch! "BBBoing saves the galaxy"

HI everyone. Back in 2011 Ray’s website helped me get to grips with iOS and I launched the first in a series of BBBoing games. Or so I hoped. Now, some 8 1/2 years later (children take up so much of one’s time!), and with technical insights from forum posts and Ray’s site (again), I’ve launched the second in the BBBoing series … exclusively for the Apple Watch, “BBBoing saves the galaxy”.
Over 50 levels (in this first release) of fast, fun & sometimes stressful challenges!

Technically it’s a combination of sprites, tilemaps, physics, accelerometer …

BBBoing saves the galaxy


I’m hoping the next BBBoing game should be out in a couple of months, but if you download it, please do feel free to feedback …

Thanks for reading.


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Hi @angus_h, welcome and thank you for sharing your apple watch app! 50 levels in the first release is impressive. Wishing you much success on your BBBoing games :smile:


Thanks Gina …

50 levels was a trade-off - how much time does one spend until you’re ready for a release? The initial ideas for the game were much more ambitious … we’ll see what happens!

Our small marketing budget means that getting exposure is hard, though take-up in Japan is pretty good. Hope some of the team have downloaded it! :wink:

The object of the game is to be the first player to raise the “Ideal” flag. Players do this by arranging the various mechanisms, drums, and obstacles and then try to run a ball bearing through their course.

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