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New Course: Server Side Swift with Vapor

Learn about Vapor: the Server-Side Swift web framework. Get everything you need to build powerful APIs and websites in Swift.

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Can’t wait to dig in!

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I absolutely like the speed and quality you are publishing the Vapor 3 Videos. The first 3 one’s already have been very clearly structured and effektiv :+1:.

As a swift newbie I’m watching the server side swift scenery since a while. It looks like that Vapor 3 will be a kind of break-trough in sense of easy - developing and even better performance.

I would appreciate if there would be a tiny example of using Vapor3 server side code on an iOS client ! Will such an example be part of the Vapor3 series or can you point me to another, existing video course ?

Another subject of interest for cross platform client developers might be SCADE (http://www.scade.io)as a client side development tool. Are there any plans to setup a video course about SCADE or a similar product, if any ?

$regs snoopje

@snoopje Have a look at https://www.skilled.io/u/swiftsummit/ibm-kitura-swift-on-the-server, Chris Bailey talks a bit about sharing code, but that is based on Kitura. I think Vapor 3 has much greater compatibility when sharing code thanks to Fluent, but there won’t be any example yet since it’s still in beta. When it’s out I’ll write something up showing how to share code between iOS and the server, but basically, due to SPM you have your business logic in a separate module and then bring it in as a Cocoapods on iOS and bring it in through SPM for Vapor

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