New Course Proposal

Hi everybody, I’ve an proposal about a course that I think could be useful for all developers.

A course about tools like jira (with kanban dashboard), GitHub/Bitbucket(manage branches), Confluence (how to manage documentation). a couse that explain how to use this tools in workflow how to connect each others and how to be used in a team

What do you think?


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@jellodiil any thoughts?

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That’s a good idea @rufy :+1: Something resembling a Programmer’s Survival Manual, covering project boards and documentation, along with time management, code reviews, teamwork, and so on :muscle:

The pandemic has hastened the shift to remote working, and for numerous organisations, that work style is still fuzzy, so a manual that helps teams manage distributed developers would be handy.

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You make like the following books:

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thank you very much for your answer. these books are sure very useful too understand how work git. ma there is a problem: this book explain how use git with Command Line. and I don’t speak about this. I speak about bitbucket tools and similar in the develop workflow. for example, when I make a commit I can signal to Q.A. that a bug is fixed writing a pattern that indicates number of bug. but how can I connect source tree with jira and its kaban view?
or about confluence how can I write documentation? there are tables? if I would like make a documentation about database (entities, relationship) what tools there are in confluence to make documentation of database?

Ah! I see - you are looking for documentation for integrated solutions. Since you mention Jira and Confluence, you are referring to Atlassian products. They also have a Git command line replacement called Sourcetree (GUI based):

And here is the link to their tutorials and documentation:

Tagging @sandragrau on this, as we are in the process of trying to create more soft skills based tutorials, and this might well fit in at some point!

Thanks for the suggestions @rufy !

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