Need recommendation: File/Directory structure and organization

Hi all,

I’m a relatively new developer and one thing I have never gotten my head around is the best way to organize my development work, and more generally, my Mac’s file/directory structure in general. Having both an iMac at home and Macbook Air for the road complicates things since right now they are not organized the same way (the iMac is new). Top that off with a handful of cloud services (MEGA,, Dropbox, iCloud, and Box), and it’s quite a lot of work knowing where things are. When it comes to code, it’s also a challenge since I have lots of RW books, code from conferences, my own code, github stuff I might look at, other languages and IDEs.

Really, I’m just looking for any advice on how to make all of this work better. What works for you?

I keep it simple. Everything goes in my ~/Projects folder. If I clone a git repo or make a new project it all goes there. My backup is basically the remote git repository - if I was making actual money from my work I might be. a little more paranoid but I trust BitBucket or Github to be around when I need them.
Within a project I don’t try to keep files overly organised, it is more trouble than it is worth. I user a Resources folder to keep all the images and other resources in, and I use a Source folder for source files and create all new source in that folder - but then I just let Xcode put stuff where it wants.
With macOS Sierra you might find it convenient to make Projects a shared iCloud folder…

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