Need help - How to Upgrade to Xcode 10

Super beginner question. I’m running Xcode 9.4.1 and doing the Swift tutorial for building your first app. The tutorial is using Xcode 10, which has presented a few bonus learning experiences for me as I try to reconcile what is being shown with my version of Xcode. It was fine for this project but I’m concerned it will become an issue with more complex tutorials.

I tried upgrading to Xcode 10 from the App store, but it isn’t available to me. I did a web search and found a link, but it says I need a developer subscription.

Any suggestions? How are other beginners downloading version 10?


@exw You can download the latest version of Xcode 10 beta over here:

I hope it helps!

That helps, just downloaded it.


in addition to what @shogunkaramazov said, you can also run both versions side-by-side without upgrading one with the other, however I think in a couple of weeks, Xcode 10 could be released.

Yes for any beta software you need to have a Developer Account, even a free one would do.



Thanks, I appreciate the help.

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