Need Advice if I can build a Application to run on Mac and PC

Can I build a Application that could run on a Mac and on Windows? The reason I am asking is that I will have a year in half to build a application that will run be running on a Mac and PC. My past projects were done with Salesforce. But Now I am tempted to see if I could do it with Swift. Is it possible?? Since Swift is available to run on Windows 10.

@hcri50 This all depends on what kind of an app you’re building. If you’re using Swift to build an iOS app, then the answer is obviously no. If however, you’re trying to specifically build a macOS app, again, the problem here is that this a desktop app that is meant to run on a mac, and thus the libraries that will be available on a mac to run your app, won’t necessarily be available on a windows machine. Having said that, if your app is web based, then it should be possible, since it is the browser running the app, and not the desktop itself. I know that Swift is used to make server side apps so this may be something to look into. However, if your intention is to build a desktop app that will run on both macOS and Windows, then you may have to look a little deeper, and see if there are some sample apps out there. Here is one article I found from last year, but I’m not sure if it’s much help:

Swift for Windows Arrives at last.

I hope this helps!

Take care, and happy developing!