Movie-image asset folder missing for chapter 2


Im working through the app design apprentice book and the movie-image folder is missing from the downloadable materials.


Should be located at GitHub - raywenderlich/mad-materials: The projects and materials that accompany the App Design Apprentice book but as of today looks very empty unfortunately

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Welcome to the community @redlotus! I checked the repository that @mokhet linked and you should be able to find the movie image folder under 05-reusable-elements-and-data > assets > movie-images.



Thanks for the quick response!

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I also encountered this problem. Really needs to be updated as soon as possible IMO. Every reader will hit this issue in Chapter 2

Still not updated, but thanks for the workaround.

@swiftlearnerforlife @thoglen 2nd edition is just around the corner… Thanks for sharing your feedback, I have made sure it’s addressed there :innocent:

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