Missing Screen Capture Images

I recently bought a print copy of iOS Apprentice, Seventh Edition, Beginning iOS development with Swift 4.2.

At the bottom of page 61, the text indicates that there is a screen capture. My problem is that it isn’t there.

At the bottom of page 65, the text indicates that there is a screen capture. It isn’t there.

I’m only on page 65, is this going to happen all the way through the book?

Is there a place where errata is gathered together so I can find all the missing stuff and print it out. I hope I’m not expected to search through the forum every time something is missing.

Pardon my grumpy tone, but I’m feeling pretty grumpy about this.


@whitanderson Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! I will forward this to the book team and they will get back to you soon.

@whitanderson My apologies for this - I’m not quite sure what happened here. I’ll send you an email about this shortly!

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