Minor error: Section 1, “2. UIKit & The One-Button App”

(Sorry if this is not the place to report this)

The description for chapter 2. UIKit & The One-Button App is:

You’ve built two apps using SwiftUI, yay!. In this chapter, you will start building Bullseye using UIKit, Apple’s existing way of building UI for iOS apps.

Probably this is a leftover of the chapter’s reorganization, I seem to recall that in a previous version SwiftUI was presented first. A minor error but can be confusing for beginners.

@xpereta Thanks very much for sharing.

If I understand you correctly, you’re saying it’s an error because one did not build two apps in SwiftUI in the preceding chapter (i.e. Chapter 1), correct? If so, then yes, this would be an error, and we appreciate you pointing this out. :slight_smile: These things do indeed happen on occasion, and we genuinely do our best to ensure that any errors or issues like this are at an absolute minimum. Having said that, we do have a forum section for every book we publish called “Errata” where you can post comments like this to bring to our attention :slight_smile:

If you could double check this, and confirm that this is indeed the case, then please make a new post inside the “Errata” section for this book, and we will make the necessary update in a future release.

Thanks very much once again for sharing!

All the best.

It’s exactly that @syedfa.

However before posting my first message I searched for the “Errata” section but I was unable to find it. Can you provide a link to it or explain how I can pots there?


@xpereta Here it is!

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