Memory Gym: 16 Chapters, 82 Units, Real-Life Gym Practice!

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Memory Gym is 2 parts: A Course with 16 chapters and 82 units, covering memory techniques, and a Gym with exercises for lists, numbers, dates, names & faces, playing cards speed and shuffle.


  1. Systems, Methods & Techniques
  2. Shapely Numbers
  3. Inspirational Numbers
  4. Phonetic Digital Band
  5. Memory Orchestra
  6. Memory Parade
  7. Home, Sweat Home
  8. The World is a Stage
  9. My Body, My Shrine
  10. Numbers, Numbers Everywhere
  11. I Got a Little List
  12. A Date for All Occasions
  13. Know Face, No Name
  14. 10 Memory Lane
  15. Left, Right, Right, Right
  16. Playing Cards


  1. Lists (Nouns, Adjectives, Pairs)
  2. Numbers (Random, Card, Crypto)
  3. Dates (Modern, Middle Ages, Ancient)
  4. Faces & Names (52)
  5. Playing Cards Speed (manual or auto 3,6,9 secs)
  6. Playing Cards Shuffle (Stack, Tinder, Radial in Horizontal or Vertical)
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@mazen_kilani Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

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