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Material Design, and Core Data – Podcast S06 E08

Join Mic, Jake, and Huyen as they first discuss Material Design and it's impact on Android since its release, and then delve into the big changes to Core Data in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

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Re: NSFetchedResultsController now being (finally!) available on MacOS…

Does anyone know where I can find a working example of a Mac App using it with a NSTableview?


I’m not aware of any samples that I can point you in the direction of I’m afraid. However, I’m looping in @skyrocketsw since this might be something the macOS team could produce a tutorial on.

Did you try it out? It appears to be exactly the same as the iOS implementation. From all my looking at session 242 (WWDC2016) and the available docs there are no differences noted at all.