Mastering Auto Layout - Part 1: Introduction | Ray Wenderlich

Dive a little deeper into auto layout, learn more about creating complex constraints, debugging auto layout, and creating universal layouts for all devices.

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Nice tutorial.

I can’t find the subtitles in this video. May be have you a transcript or something like this ?

We’re working on fixing this - I’ve confirmed that subtitles are not showing up when viewing in Safari. As a workaround, I’m seeing them when viewing in Chrome.

I can see the subtitles with chrome. Thank you.

I was ready to subscribe to your auto layout tutorial, but saw that it was not based on iOS11, Swift 4 or Xcode 9.

When do you plan to upgrade this tutorial? I ask because I would prefer to subscribe when it is based on Apple’s latest dev software.

One last question: If I were to subscribe, would I be notified when the tutorial is upgraded?

I think I could still learn a great deal from your dated tutorial. At the moment I am having a lot of issues trying to eliminate all of my apps auto layout issues in particular with regards to the iPhone SE. That said, I have no idea if your tutorial would help because I am using Xcode 9 and iOS11. I am compiling my app using Swift 3.2.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

The Beginning Auto Layout course has been updated, but the Master course hasn’t quite yet. There isn’t a lot that’s out of date, but there are some new features in iOS11 for Auto Layout. If you have the iOS 11 by Tutorials book, the Auto Layout chapter in there will fill you in on what’s new (and much more). If you have any questions about what’s new, please feel free to post them here.

Thanks for the quick feedback, Jerry.

I am fortunate to have the latest “iOS by Tutorials”, but unfortunately, the example used to demo iOS 11’s new auto layout features is not a standalone project, but is instead based on the “Pirate Handbook” app used in your “Mastering Auto Layout” video tutorial. I tapped the “Download Materials” button, but instead of an Xcode project, the download was a PDF file.

I think this was an oversight else why provide a link in the “iOS by Tutorials” ebook? In addition, the “What’s New in Auto Layout” section of the book notes, “…, you’ll visit the most important of these updates as you migrate an iOS app to use the new Auto Layout features of iOS 11.” I think that means that the “Pirate Handbook” app was meant to be available to us. Quite honestly, I much prefer to build a demo app from scratch because IMO that is, hands-down, the best way to learn app development.

I will probably go ahead and subscribe because I really want to master auto layout. It is taking way too long for me to solve my AL issues. If it were not for the iPhone SE, I think that my upgraded app would have already been back in the App Store. That could well be the voice of inexperience speaking.

If I overlooked something, please let me know.

I appreciate your help.

The download link on each video provides the material for that video. When you subscribe, you’ll be able to download the project for each step.