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My name is Maria Calestino and I have a question. I have been working on a masters in computer science. Since I’m still working on it I haven’t had any luck with finding a job. I was wondering what are some good apps to create so I can gain some experience and make a little extra money by selling the app on the Apple App Store. Since I am an avid runner I was thinking about creating a running app but there are a lot of those out there so I’m not sure if the app will sell. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Maria Calestino

Hi Maria (@mcales7759),
Finding a job is all about luck and skills combined. You are on the right track when you say you want to create an app, you are thinking on the correct lines. If you make money that would be an added bonus. However, initially I would reccommend that you use that opportunity to create your portfolio and showcase your skills. This would help you reach your job goals faster, and in the process you could also make money.

A lot of organisations request to see your GitHub repo to see your code style, the things you are working on or like. So create your portfolio and enhance your skills. Even if the app does not sell you would have learned from it.



Hi @mcales7759, @jayantvarma makes a really great point about using an opportunity to create a portfolio. Because you’re a runner, I’d recommend creating an app that ties into your passion for running and using that for potential employers. If you are interested in learning how to add in-app purchases this article does a great job with getting you started, .


Thank you for the advice. Yes I was thinking about creating a running app for the Apple Watch and adding a ghost to it where a person can compete against their previous time. I was thinking about incorporating my own social network, aside from Twitter, Facebook, ect., to share their running info.

Thank you again,

Maria C

That’s genius. And simple enough to completed within just a few short weeks :slight_smile:

here’s some other ideas that can be completed in a week or less, for practice/experience:

Of course you will have more chances to get a developer position if you will have good portfolio. I think, portfolio is an essential thing for any developer as well as for development company. In this way you can show your skills. Otherwise no one can see your work and knowledge. Hiring a developer without portfolio is just like buying a pig in a poke.
My advice is to create your first app for your self to try what you can. Don’t follow the aim to earn money, just do something you will really like and enjoy. In this way you will create something good and will be able to fill your portfolio.
Good luck!

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