Make a pedometer app for iOS

I want to learn how to create an app in iOS that tracks how far the user walks. It seems I remember a tutorial here for that. Can someone direct me or at least tell me which documentation to look through? I believe it would be MapKit and Core Location, I’m just not sure which part of that documentation to go to

Hi @brower,
For pedometer data you need to use CoreMotion that provides you with a CMPedometer object


Best Pedometer and Step Counter Apps for iOS

  1. Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker. Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker is hailed as one of the best pedometer apps for iPhones, and for a good reason. …
  2. Stepz. Just like Pacer, Stepz is another all-in-one pedometer app for iPhone that works great without draining your phone’s battery. …
  3. Accupedo. …
  4. ActivityTracker Pedometer . …
  5. Pedometer ++

Yeah. I found that. Does that hardware technology really work? I don’t know the science behind it. How accurate could it be?

Hi @brower,
well that is what you get from the Apple frameworks, that is what they use in their own apps too, so not many options there.


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