MagicaVoxel only gives me a black screen

since i read the book before the update i went straight to the chapter i was interested in
this was Mr. Pig, wel, to the chapter of making the voxel art
but after downloading MagicaVoxel and opening it i only get a black screen
im running MacOX Sierra (the latest version)
clicking open and selecting a already made example Voxel isn’t working either
i can try downloading it on windows 10 to, but thats not very handy for me since its on a different computer

This is addressed on the website under the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

if you get black screen on MacOS, try this:
extract the whole folder (go to the “MagicaVoxel” applications folder)
move “” outside the folder
move “” back to the folder again

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hola amigo tengo una pc de windows pero al poner el render me sale la pantalla en negor hay alguna solucion soy nuevo en esto de magicavoxel

@victory Please ask your question in English. Thank you!