Lost in translation - euh - the forum

I’m a bit lost on the forum … I’m a (new) video subscriber, and I’d like to post something that relates to the course ‘Your first iOS and UIKit app’, chapter 47 … I think it should go under the forum section ’ Official tutorials’, but I cannot create a new topic there (button is disabled), so I"m putting this under ‘General discussion’

So question : is there a category for each video course? or do all the video course questions go under 1 big category ‘official tutorials’ ?

Hi @whasssaaahhh, posting your question under the General Discussion is fine! If you look at the tutorials section here, Official Tutorials - kodeco.com Forums. The list of posts are titled the same as the tutorials and I believe you can then ask a question within that post pertaining to the tutorial you are working on.

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