Looking for Xamarin Mobile App Development Solution

I need a xamarin app development service to make a mobile app in iOS and Android, In my search I found a xamarin app development solution here contus.com/xamarin-application-development.php while enquired with their experts. They gave a frame work for my project. But I need more other suggestions to decide.

Well, there’s the Xamarin app development tools (https://www.xamarin.com). That would be considerably more direct.
It would be helpful to know why you’re opting for a development service, or even Xamarin at all (e.g. as opposed to natively writing an iOS app and an Android app). This kind of decision is a compromise; writing code once across all platforms sounds nice, but users of the different operating systems expect subtly different behaviours from their devices, and the one size doesn’t always fit all.

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I have also same issue any suggestion for this so please reply. Thanks in advance.

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