Looking for Senior iOS engineer

Hi everyone´╝îMy name is Grey(Gelei) Chen´╝îI joined the WWDC15 and 16ŃÇéI am currently working for AISense´╝îAISense is a speech recognition startup based in SF bay areaŃÇéhttp://aisense.com/careers/

Position´╝ÜSenior iOS Engineer´╝îmore than 3 years of iOS native Consumer App development experience´╝îSwift & Objective CŃÇé


Sam Liang-CEO( Stanford ECE Phd. His Phd director is the Stanford Billion Prof David Cheriton , the first angel investor for Google´╝ëwas served as Google Map Tech Lead´╝îthen he left and started Alohar Mobile ´╝łAlohar was acquired by Alibaba´╝ë´╝îSam joined Alibaba, and serve as the VP of Tech for Autonavi(Alibaba)´╝î2016 he left and started AISense.

Yun Fu-VP of Engineering ´╝łDuke CS Phd´╝îYahoo Senior Staff Engineer´╝îdirector of Engineering at Alohar Mobile´╝ë
Fuchun Peng-VP of Tech (Former Google Speech Staff Research Scientist, TL/Manager at Research & Speech Team )

Angel investor $3M´╝îall top investors at SF bay area. And lead investor is Tim DraperÔÇÖs Draper Associate´╝łInvested in Tesla´╝îSpaceX´╝îSolarCity)

Series A round $10M´╝îLead investor is the richest man from Hong Kong Horizon Venture´╝łThey invested in early days of Siri $200M by Apple´╝îWaze $1.3 Billion by Google´╝îFacebook Series C´╝îDeepMind $500M by Google´╝îViv $215M by Samsung´╝îetc´╝ë

As the Sr iOS engineer´╝îpart of the product team, you will be working with a top design firm called Metalab.´╝łThey designed the early prototype of SlackŃÇüCoinbaseŃÇüFacebook Messenger´╝ë

If you are invested in the position, please email your resume to grey@aisense.com.