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Start building a login/signup view using SwiftUI and learn how to address issues we encounter.

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//Slightly long rant, sorry…
I’ve been going thru this series using my own code (not using the starter/final project code) except for things like the JSON file. Typically this is ok, as one lesson closely follows the previous. Not so for the Login & Signup lesson. It really needs to be made clear from the start that you MUST use the starter version, and not just continue on from the previous lesson (in this case the unit tests). There are a lot of new files added that aren’t even mentioned. I understand there is a lot to add, and going thru and coding each file would take a long time, but at least spend 5 minutes at the beginning of the video and walk thru all the new files and what they do. For example, I was working on my own and the signInNotification/signOutNotification gave an error. There was no mention at all that signInNotification was defined in an extension of Notification.Name in the UserRequests.swift file (which also wasn’t even mentioned). This is really important, and should actually be explained. Same for UserAuthentication (maybe it will be, not sure yet…).
//End rant

I’m sorry. I know that can be frustrating. I mentioned it in the intro to this video, but I may not have made it clear enough. The challenge is that we try to keep videos reasonably short, so I didn’t walk through everything that was new. I’ll try to do a better job with this balance in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the fast response! I understand the difficulty in keeping the videos short - there is so much to cover and not a lot of time to do it. I should have paid more attention at the start of the video, or at least paid it more heed. Certainly good in that it made me go thru all the files and try to figure out what they were all doing, which is good!

Thanks, in any event I am really enjoying the course, and really like how you introduce the problems that came up and how you solved them - not just present perfect code magically!

By the way, for the signup, I found the following columns works sort of ok for giving unequal sized grid:

         let columns: [GridItem] = [
            GridItem(.adaptive(minimum: 100 , maximum: 100), spacing: 0, alignment: .leading),

The first column is adaptive, with a small min/max size.