Local notifications

I have an app that keeps record of people that is stored in core data. Every day at 8:00am I get a notification of how many people there are. Works great if the app is in the foreground and background. The issue is when i need to get an updated number everyday and I can’t seem to find a way to do that. The content body stays the same. Everyday the number changes and the notification needs to see that change and update the content body. Any suggestions?

Hi @dadixon,
I am not sure about your issue.

You get a notification everyday at 8:00 am
Works good if the app is in the foreground and background

So when you say you want an updated number everyday

So, how are you getting this notification? I believe you are doing this through code. You can query the data from Core Data and get the update. If you want a delta (change from yesterday) then you need to store the number for yesterday and subtract the number you get today, that will get you the delta.