ListMaker Fragments: Did Anyone Complete This Project?

I completed first 10 chapters, and due to differences between the book and Android Studio 3.3, struggled thru it but managed to get it done. I am sceptical that I shall ever use the knowledge gained (would anyone use Shared Preferences for persistent storage of ToDo lists? Would anyone use findViewByID to link code to Layout objects? Would anyone use Alerts to get user input?).

Then I started Chapter 11 (Fragments) which basically re-did everything by moving logic all over the place. I gave up ½-way thru. Why teach me something then prove to me what I learnt was not really the best way to do it? Why not just teach me the ‘best experience for users’ to start with? Do I really have to ‘suffer’ so I can appreciate how glorious Fragments are?

The book needs serious review and quick update. I cannot see it getting many 5-stars reviews as is.

@mazen_kilani Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated! We will update the book soon. Thanks again!