Learning Curve iOS Swift 3

So I am new to iOS devepolment. I have seen many reviews raving about how good this site is for learning iOS development. However I have an issue when viewing the site an that is the learning flow. What courses does one take and in what order. From what I can see this site is great for those that know iOS and want to add new skills. So where is the newbie love? I see part 1 of courses but no parts 2 or 3. I see fragments but no learning flow. Am I seeing things wrong or am I on the wrong site an need to be on a different webpage. Idk just frustrated and lost now.

I would definitely suggest the iOS Apprentice series. It is designed with the beginner in mind and Matthijs is a very clear communicator.

I started with the Swift Apprentice followed by the iOS Apprentice Series. I also recommend the PDF format. The last time the iOS series was updated the new versions were free to current owners. Very nice.