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Learn how to install Kitura tools and develop a simple “hello world” post.

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Hi there, I am having trouble because Kitura does not allow a Xcode project to be generated anymore. And furthermore when creating the Kitura project I cannot see the posts showing up. I just see hello world or the splash screen for Kitura even after removing it from activity monitor and reloading the app. Thank you for your time and hopefully there is a possible solution to my problem. I would still love to be able to use kitura.

Also, right now with my two separate projects (well app and separate Kitura package) when I load the app through the sim it still pulls the correct info from the database. So it seems to be working but just not possible to connect in one workspace and will not show the changes when editing the database. I kind of just have to try writing out the db and then running the app to see if it works.

It’s hard to say why these things are happening without seeing the code. If you have a chance to zip up your work and attach it, I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Hello jerbers

I see that Kitura has a newer version and the base generated projects is very different from what you provided in your tutorials. The finished PetsagramAPI projects provided are not building with the newer version of Kitura. I don’t see it being an issue for me to continue with the tutorial, just wanted to let you know that the version Kitura is somewhat different from Kitura CLI 0.2.1.

As briviere says, the newest version of Kitura is different with different commands, and, at least for me, broken in that it hangs on swift run.

This is way outside of my wheelhouse, but I seemed to be able to download the same version of Kitura used in the tutorial (0.1.0) by doing the following commands (you may need to uninstall and unlink the newer version of Kitura first):

curl -LO

tar -xzf kitura-cli_0.1.0_darwin.tar.gz

sudo mv darwin-amd64/kitura /usr/local/bin/

If this is a bad approach for some reason, please let me know.

Just to update, I’m on lesson “27. Database” now and still able to follow the tutorial verbatim using Kitura CLI version 0.1.0 using the commands I posted above.

Thanks, bananaviking. Yes, those are the correct steps for installing the version of Kitura that I used when making these videos.

Thanks for the confirmation, Jerry. And great course! I really like your teaching style.