🔥 July 11 2023 - SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club

We’re excited to announce the launch of our iOS Kodeco Book Club, featuring SwiftUI Apprentice, and you’re invited!

What are Kodeco Book Clubs?

Kodeco Book Clubs are the best and fastest way to get up to speed on key mobile development topics. In these 10 to 12-week sessions, hosted by experts from our team, you’ll get to experience our best-selling books in a live video format, at a relaxed, chapter-by-chapter pace, and really get to understand these concepts in a deep, meaningful way.

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Announcing Kodeco Book Clubs: SwiftUI Apprentice

Sign up here

:star: SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club Sign Up Link [Members-Only]

Become a member

Not a member yet? You can become a fully-fledged Kodeco member by signing up for our Personal Subscription here:

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Hello, I’m a member and I can’t login to sign up.

@eduardo_tarallo : the invite system is a little flaky. Give it a try now?

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Hello, I’m a member too and I can’t login to sign up. I’ve emailed about it several times, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

@kdapps You should be able to access the link now - let me know if you can get in?

Yes, thank you. I can

@chrisrazeware Hello, I’m trying to access these two links, but it says that it doesn’t exist or that I don’t have access!

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When will the second video come online?

Hi all! Sorry for the delay - I’ve been out for the past 2.5 weeks. All past videos will be processed and put on the forums this week!

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@chrisrazeware When will the SwiftUI videos be uploaded?

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@kdapps Weeks 1-4 are now online! Thanks for hanging in there.


@chrisrazeware When will the new SwiftUI videos (5, 6, 7, ~) be uploaded?

I understand Chris has moved off the team responsible for uploading the videos. It may be a while before they are posted.

This is a bit of a shame as a lot of us can’t see the sessions because of timezone differences. It’s also helpful to get the recordings posted quickly so you can recap over points that you want to clarify.

This all reflects badly on Beau, who’s doing a great job presenting the sessions, but isn’t responsible for doing the uploads.

The whole situation doesn’t show Kodeco in a good light when it comes to delivering on their promises.

I suggest getting stronger with our complaints, maybe to the extent of asking for a refund of part of the membership costs.

If you do decide to make a complaint then don’t do it on the forums as they don’t seem to often elicit a response from staff at Kodeco - send an email to support@Kodeco.com - I’ve found this to be much more effective.

Good luck!


This is the response from Kodeco Support:

"At this time the team member taking over the process from Chris has been on leave and has this slotted to be completed on her return. As I’m sure you can understand, sometimes the process of reorganization can be a bit of a scramble.

I can promise you that, as the team gets up to speed, we are prioritizing all areas of member learning support as possible. We’ll have all available recordings up and available on the forum as soon as possible."

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