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In this Jetpack Compose Course, you’ll learn what Compose is, what its fundamental components are, and how they behave individually, and when composed together. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to build beautiful and reactive UI, with a lot of meaningful motion when it comes to animating custom components, input field state handling, error handling, and automatic state updates within an MVVM environment.

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Add navigation to the course please.

Hey @tartarjr !

We’ve just released this course (new version), so we may add navigation once compose goes stable! :]


Please update the project to the latest (non-beta) libraries. Half the time is spent fighting with Android Studio and compilation issues due to incompatible libraries.

Hey @qbosemobile I’m sorry that you’re having issues with the projects and the code.

Unfortunately I’m not just able to update the projects and everything as I’m no longer working fulltime on courses, so hopefully someone else with more capacity will be able to pick it up.

Thank you for being understanding. :]