Jetpack Compose & Android beginner

Hi, I have made an iOS app so I have a fair amount of experience with the iOS platform, in particular Swift and UIKit. I would need to port this app for Android. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience regarding development on Android. But I realise that commercially it could be a must to have this app for Android platform as well. I have seen Kotlin and realised that it might be the most viable route, compared to Java, given the similarity to Swift. But as far as the UI is concerned, being completely unfamiliar with Android development, I thought Jetpack Compose might be the most viable route in my case. The question is whether previous experience as an Android developer is required to become profitable with Jetpack Compose. Or with my knowledge of the iOS world can I somehow manage to become profitable in a reasonable time also in Android and in particular with Jetpack Compose. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, are the courses and books on Kodeco only aimed at programmers with experience in Android or can they give a tip to people like me who should start with Android and the Jetpack Compose? Thank you very much.

Welcome to our community and thank you for posting your question. We’re here to help you out! One of our android developers will look into your question.

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Yes, it is possible to become profitable with Jetpack Compose even without previous experience as an Android developer.

Given your experience with iOS development and Swift, you have a solid foundation that can be leveraged to learn Android development and Jetpack Compose efficiently.

While previous Android development experience can certainly be helpful, Jetpack Compose provides a modern and intuitive way to build user interfaces for Android apps. Its declarative nature and similarities to Swift and SwiftUI can ease the transition for developers coming from iOS.

To get started with Android development and Jetpack Compose, there are various learning resources available. Kodeco courses and books can be a valuable source of information for both experienced Android developers and newcomers.

While some resources may assume prior Android knowledge, many also cater to beginners and offer guidance specifically for those starting with Android and Jetpack Compose.

With your existing skills and the right learning materials, you have a good chance of successfully porting your iOS app to Android and becoming profitable in a reasonable amount of time. Remember to practice, experiment, and seek help from the developer community if you encounter any challenges along the way.

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