Issue with the epub version on iBooks on iPad

I downloaded the epub version of the book and put it to iBooks, and when I started to read it on iPad, I saw that some pages were duplicated (like ‘Book updates’ or ‘About the Cover’). As these pages are counted as real ones, it makes some chapter unavailable and the summary broken. Otherwise, there is no problem on the iPhone or Mac version.
Could you look at this ?

I’ll pass this onto the team :+1:

Hey @ericlm, I loaded this up on my iBooks on iPad running iOS 9.3.4 and didn’t see any duplication. Can you please let me know which version of iOS you’re using on your iPad so I can dig into this page duplication further? Thanks!

My iPad is running iOS 11.4.1

Well, I completely reinstalled iBooks and now everything is fine! No problem ! :grinning:

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