Issue with CDN - Video loading problem

Hi there,

In past few days I am facing a huge problem watching videos on Very often videos are stuck on loading.

First I checked my home router in order to see wether the problem is on my side, but the same thing happened in my office where I have business access to the internet. Also, to eliminate the possibility that my mac is the problem I tested it on my iphone and android and both results were the same - issues with loading videos. I used 3g/4g network as well as wifi, but the video loading issue is still there.

Can you please advice how can I solve this problem, because my subscription will expire and I have lost a few days trying to address this problem?


Hi @lazarvgd,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble here :[

Perhaps you could try a few things which may help - please see the link below, in case you missed it:

Please email us back at if you have any further issues here and we can troubleshoot this with you.

Kind regards,

hi @katiecollins,

Thank you :slight_smile: