Issue: cant drag and drop asset

Hello newbie here and I am following Unity Games by Tutorial / Bobble Head. I mentioned not to copy and paste as it brakes the meta data, so to drag and drop. I wont let me do this with 2 .fbx files and the .psd texture, for the BobbleMarine game object. I can click Assets from the top tab or from inside Project with a right click, to select import new asset.Then follow the path to the files through file explorer and selecting them one at a time to import.

It also said I should see a preview of the BobbleMarine in the inspector, I don`t and there is no gray bar to slide either. If I do double click on the BobbleMarine body it opens up paint3D and the character appears in it?? NOT IN THE INSPECTOR preview panel. VERY NEW and VERY CONFUSED. Any insight is a great help, thanks in advance. To add I am using the download version 1.2 for Unity 5.6. I un-installed it from machine and re-down loaded it fresh thinking it may have been corrupted. LOOKING for answers…

@mrwmrutski Which book chapter are you having trouble with exactly?

Very beginning Chp.1 Hello Unity, pg.36~38 Importing Assets. I don’t know if it is me but my results are different from what is explained in PDF. Don`t know if I should delete all files and start from scratch. being clue-less to this it is feeling your way around in the dark.

Also why would Windows open paint3D outside of Unity when I double click the BobbleMarine inside the Assets> Model folder in the Project Panel.??? I should get a preview in the Inspector, correct??
When that happened I was ready to give up and try Udemy… It did let me drop it on a 3D Cube and clicking on it in the Hierarchy it appears in the Scene but would preview?? lost…

@vegetarianzombie Can you please provide any feedback on this? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Thanks but I don’t know what I am doing and this is pointless. How do you provide feedback when you have no dam clue why it don`t work.

I have contacted the chapter’s author - he should get in touch with you soon. Thanks! :]

Hey There, I’m the author of this chapter. It sounds like you are running into an issue where you don’t have blender installed. At least, that’s my guess. Otherwise, you may have the file type associated with Paint. Try installing blender, restart Unity, and let me know how it turns out. Thanks!

Hello there and I do have Blender installed and I even opened one of the Blender files from the import package. Should I not see a preview of the marine in the INSPECTOR ?? It show in the scene window if I PLACE it on an object in the Hierarchy. BUT is this from the PDF saying it should appear in there:

The Inspector is opened but no Marine preview so if I double click it is when it pops open in Paint3D. Is this normal or am I correct in being confused… In one instance 6 hours ago!! Importing the the 1st 3

  1. BobbleMarine-Head.fbx
  2. BobbleMarine-Body.fbx
  3. Bobble Wars Marine texture.psd
    I moved the texture to its folder, In then said to move the 2 materials to the parent material folder, I did. Then delete the created material folder in the Model folder, leaving just Marine body and Marine head. Easy enough… then it did not preview in the Inspector. I went to work, and figured fresh start. Did fresh download v1.2.PDF - Unity 5.6 complete download.

Extracted to desktop folder, then opened Documents for default Unity path and deleted BobbleHead Project. Open new BobbleHead project in Unity. Created all the folders again imported the 3 files but this time it did not create the EXTRA material file in Models?? The 2 materials I had to move earlier were nested in the parent folder???
But still I get no preview in the Inspector of the Marine I’m I suppose to?? and why does Windows Paint 3D open with a preview of the Marine instead of the Inspector ?? or is this supposed to happen…

Blender on task bar…

I hope this help and is the best I can do. I have a 2:00 minute video of it but it wont accept it. Do you Drop Box?? I first got this a year ago and this same stuff frustrated me and I walked away. Thing it was to hard or I was no prepared and need some experience. So starting/trying again it is the same. I am sure, TRUST ME I am part of the problem but me and maybe a corrupt file and this Windows Paint shit is not working. The PDF is saying do this and is is cut and dry, what I am getting as a result plus my LACK of experience is compounding things.

Hi there,

By double clicking the FBX file, you’re opening it in the default 3D modelling application associated with it. In your case this is 3D Paint. You don’t need to use anything other than the Unity editor for these chapters and we don’t cover or use 3D Paint in the book.

What you were doing originally is correct, just single click the file and check out the Inspector on the right. Be sure that the Model tab is selected:


Also be sure to click the gray bat at the bottom of the Inspector to enable file previews:


If you’re having a hard time navigating around the editor and using its features, these resources will probably help:

I hope that helps you out!

Hopefully the problem is resolved, but you mentioned a PDF. Are you using an older document? If so, you should download the latest version from your library. Things in Unity have changed somewhat since the book was released and the older instructions won’t work. That’s something to keep in mind if and when you encounter any future issues.

Tried to send this as a reply to the email, but it is a non-reply address. This is what I posted earlier…thanks for your time and help…Peace…

Hello and thanks, I am new. I did eventually get the Marine to preview in the Inspector. As far as the PDF it is from your site page _v1.2.pdf for Unity 5.6, it also had a download for 1.1 and 1.3-2017. The resource`s and pdf where a bulk download for the version selection.
I have a few other starter // hello world projects in Unity 5.6, this is why I picked that version. I am on page 36 so much a newbie what ever version I use will be the same. Should I worry about new 2017 features when trying to remember commands from yesterday is a feat. The pdf is written for the version and I will just deal with it. Someone else offered info for the preview, I was using a split screen for Unity and the pdf. The gray bar for the preview was minimized and hidden. Going full screen “un-skrunched” it.

What was weird was importing the 1st 3 assets (pg36) and moving per the pdf instructions the 2 materials associated with Marine_Body & Head. To the parent Materials folder, then deleting the created mat file in Models. I closed Unity without saving scene.
I shut machine down and opened a new Unity Project 6 hours later. I deleted the chapter_1 Hello Unity resource file and deleted the entire folder for BobbleHead_Ray from my Unity Project destination library.
I made a new Desktop folder Ray_Unity and included a BobbleHeadProject folder, then placed a new copy of the: 01_Hello Unity resource folder from my downloads library.

I followed the same steps as before but as a completely NEW project. I imported the 3 assets and in the Projects> Model folder were only the Marine_Body and Head game objects. No extra folder to delete and the 2 materials were nested in the Parent Materials folder. I did not move them… I thought that weird.

With more time with the basics and just doing it over and over and over it will eventually stick. I get amped up and excited and with in-experience and a few simple mistakes. Frustration kicks in, I am very good with SketchUp , 2 years with that. Plus other IDE`s for coding so I am not pure green. I now about the curve to all things and more time will solve all issues.

I will upgrade as I know about V Studio 2017, Unity 2017 and the 2.0 Course Ware Syllabus. You NOW have to have. I am learning the basics and have no team or projects developed so I feel even this older stuff. Was good enough for YOU to learn with. It is a good starting point for me. Lets worry about where are the wipers and where the key goes. Before performance packages and cloud or team collaborations. Between Face Book, Undemy and every other code, web development thing out there. They jam so much extra crap at you, it intimidates and pressures a lot of people. just sucks, but money is part of it.
Thanks and just need to keep chipping at it…

Mr. Wm.Rutkowski

I’m glad I could be of help. The reason I asked the version isn’t so much for new features is that some systems changed between versions. So long as you are using the Unity version associated with the pdf you should be fine. That is, if the pdf is written for Unity 5.6, you should be using that version. If you are using the instructions for 5.6 but using Unity 2017.2, you’ll run into issues.

That’s my concern. The book is meant to cover the basics of working with Unity and we will discuss new features of a particular version, but our emphasis is learning the fundamentals.

One other thing - the thing about Unity - you should always save. Unity doesn’t feature any autosaving mechanism so if you close it out without saving you’ll lose all your work.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you get stuck. Have fun!

Thanks and I will, looking forward to being able to “comfortably” navigate and communicate completely. IN TIME!! it takes a little longer for me then most, for stuff to sink in. I know it but get frustrated easy and need to slow down… All is good…Peace

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