Is this forum closed?

Can’t see much action here? No moderators?

hi @tchelyzt ,
I am confused over your message. The Users are the ones that create the action by asking questions and the moderators try to keep the forums clean and clear from spam and unwanted messages.

You can start a conversation by asking a question regarding Data Structures or Algorithms in this forum.

And to add to that, if you have a question someone might respond with an answer or a message that they will ping the authors or find some answers for you (if possible).




Hello jayant,
I asked because I have been asking questions but, it seems, into a void.
I see you have tried to pass on some questions for comment by others, but they haven’t received responses either. So I wondered, is the forum effectively closed?

The Forum isn’t closed. The authors may take some time to answer questions. Please ping me in any of your open questions and we will reach out to the authors.

Thanks robertomachorro

It’s pretty quiet. Especially on topics where books are not seeing much growth.

Swift Algorithms are a great way to introduce you to basic concepts. But these ideas are fundamental to computer science, so much of it already built into standard libraries.

Why reinvent the wheel right?

A good place for discussions on this topic is usually undergraduate university degrees.

Forums isn’t meant to be high volume, mostly to resolve inquiries regarding posts and books. If you would like more discussions, I recommend you join Kodeco’s Discord server.

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Exactly what I expected, but I note questions left unanswered since 2022 so it does look like nobody is home to me.

I don’t think so and the books blurb doesn’t either:

Swift’s standard library and, more recently, the Swift Collections and Algorithms packages contain a robust set of general-purpose collection types and algorithms, yet they don’t cover every case!

It also says

This book is for developers who are comfortable with Swift and want to ace whiteboard interviews, improve the performance of their code, and ensure their apps will perform well at scale.

No mention of basic concepts there.

Finally it says the forum is

… a great place to ask questions about the book

I’ve written many a data structure and/or algorithm before acquiring the book. I have a nice red-black tree I’m rather pleased with. It seemed to me the book might help me sure I’m leveraging Swift well and indeed it has helped. (I don’t think university sites care a whit about Swift). Then I had some questions and noticed that the forum seems pretty unattended so I said so. That’s all!!

Hi @tchelyzt ,
It is all about the time and sometimes work and life priorities get in the way. I was meaning to reply to you earlier. As @robertomachorro mentioned, we are there and respond, some faster than others and on topics based on our expertise, experience and time.

If you are looking for a more active interaction, have you also tried (as @robertomachorro has mentioned) the Kodeco Discord server? That is a little more active in comparison to the forums.



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