Is there anyway to use a loop to shorten this code

This is the code I am trying to shorten. I would think there is a loop for it but I am not sure.

        piker1.tag = 1
        piker2.tag = 2
        piker3.tag = 3
        piker4.tag = 4
        piker5.tag = 5
        piker6.tag = 6
        piker7.tag = 7
        piker8.tag = 8
        piker9.tag = 9
        piker10.tag = 10
        piker11.tag = 11
        piker12.tag = 12
        piker13.tag = 13
        piker14.tag = 14

@zalubski Thanks very much for posting your question!

In terms of coming up with an efficient solution to this problem, what I would suggest is to

  1. Put the piker (I’m guessing you mean “picker”) into an array:

let pikers = [piker1, piker2, piker3,…]

  1. Now use the zip function, along with the indices:

zip(pikers, 1 …< pikers.count).forEach{ $0.0.tag = $0.1 }

In the line, “$0.0.tag” the first property $0 refers to the tuple itself that is created from the zip function, the next value, 0, refers to the “piker”, which then has the tag property.

I hope this makes sense. Try it out and see how it works :slight_smile:

All the best!

The whole concept of doing what you’re asking for is bad coding practice, im convinced you can solve your problem in a much more efficient way. This is a typical use for a simple array, where the index will correspond for the picker number you want to address. Have you tried that approach?

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