Is the source code in _v7 ahead of the book?

Started down the path of reading the book, but I got stuck with IBOutlet in Chapter 4 trying to use the SE simulator. The IBOutlet disappears shortly after selection. So, I copied the final Chapter 4 code and launched without issue, then discovered iPhone XR was used, not iPhone SE. Is the book distribution out of date?

Where did you find the iPhone XR being used? If you mean the code launched with iPhone XR, you can always switch to iPhone SE if you wanted from the dropdown on the toolbar. Which simulator you run the code on (whether it is the iPhone SE or the XR) should not matter.

And it certainly should not be an issue in setting an outlet since setting the outlet should not have any relevance to the simulator used anyway.

If you still have issues setting up the outlet, please provide some additional information (and perhaps some screenshots) so that we can try to figure out what might be going on …

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