Is setting a SKScene's size to a multiple of the bounds of SKView a good idea?


I have a SKView that’s presenting a SKScene. The scene contains a camera and several SKLabelNodes (there are more things, but the labels are my main concern). At first, I created my scene like this(bounds are the bounds of the SKView):

let gameScene = MyGameScene(size: CGSize(width: bounds.size.width, height: bounds.size.height))

That lead to one big problem: All of the labels are pretty blurry (regardless of the font size, an insanely big label only slightly gets sharper). It worsens when I zoom in using the camera (camera.setScale() or an action).

To fix this, I thought about doing this:

let gameScene = PlanetOrbitScene(size: CGSize(width: bounds.size.width * 4, height: bounds.size.height * 4))

I increased the size of the scene. As I use a camera (and the scene scales it to fit the screen) it doesn’t change anything, except that I now have more pixels/points to use inside my scene. This way, everything is extremely sharp and looks awesome, even if I zoom in.

Is this a valid approach? Or can’t you do this? I’m not sure if there are disadvantages.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on this. Than you very much


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