Is Legacy Plan still worth to keep it running?

It looks like we are getting less new interesting videos which are not for beginners.

I don’t need Ultimate Professional since I already own the books I am interested in.

Unfortunately, for me it looks like there is no value anymore and it is getting time to cancel my subscription. :frowning:

Hi @marct, I’m sorry you feel this way :[

We have published a fair few pro video courses this year already:[]=collection

We tend to publish one course each week. Recently (in the last few weeks) we have been publishing some more beginner content but we have plenty of pro courses in the pipeline coming up soon so stay tuned!

If ever you think of something you’d like to see more of or have any suggestions for us, please do let us know via We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see :]


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Hi @katiecollins, Thanks for your reply and to confirm that there are still things to come.
I will consider to suggest some topics as you suggested by email.

Since there is your first and second iOS app with SwiftUI what about “Your first full professional SwiftUI app with Core Data” :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a great day.

Thanks great suggestion! Please do send in more thoughts if you have them :]

We do have a couple of Core Data courses which we’re currently updating so watch out for those soon.