Is AdMob exempt from US Export Regulations?

Hi All,

I’m considering using AdMob in one of my apps to help monetise it - but I’m struggling to find a straight answer on whether I’d need to jump through all of the encryption hoops when I submit it to the app store.

This blog post explains how you can be exempt to having to register and file encryption reports with US Government if you’re just making calls over HTTPS:

My issue is, I don’t know 100% what AdMod does under the hood, therefore I can’t be sure if using it will mean I can be exempt or not.

I’ve found a couple of links to people asking the Google AdMob team will little to no success (they say that they’re not the channel for this kind of query and point you to App Store Guidelines…)

The lack of concrete, easy to find answers on this strikes me as odd, especially when you consider how many apps are using AdMob. I wonder if anyone here can shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance


@davenott Thanks very much for your question!

I found the following link which walks the user through the process of incorporating the technology within your iOS apps. More than likely, what I would suggest is simply to follow their tutorials/samples that they have available on their website. Because Google is an established, trusted company, I would say that any and all requirements to get your app into the app store would be found here. Most likely, you will NOT find out what’s under the hood in their technology, but in fairness, I don’t believe their technology would be TOO complicated to integrate within your apps, since this would not make sense financially for Google to provide a technology that was complicated to integrate. It’s in their best interests to make it easy for you to use, and integrate within your apps :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!