iOS receipt validation for Non-Consumer IAP

Dear Friends,

   I am creating In App Purchase for Non-Consumer type.  

Because I do not have my server, do I still need to do local receipt validation ?

If yes, is there any tutorial or example that I can study ?

Appreciate your help.


Hi @lek_th, thanks for reaching out. I do not know if you need to create a local receipt validation if you do not have a server but I think you will find this useful, GitHub - andrewcbancroft/SwiftyLocalReceiptValidator: An implementation of local receipt validation logic for iOS in Swift . It provides sample code on how to implement local receipt validation and has guides that focus on more specifics. Happy coding!


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Hi Gina,

Very appreciate your suggestion.

I am creating non-consumer in app purchase.  Is it ok , if I do not provide local receipt validation ?

Thank you,

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