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iOS Extensions: Document Provider Tutorial

In this Document Provider tutorial, you'll learn how to create a UIDocumentProvider extension that allows other apps to interact with your app's documents.

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One of the screenshots shows an option to copy from WebDav. How to proceed to get that option ? Did you wrote your own routine ? Can you share it ? Or do you have a WebDav client ? If yes, which client did you use ? Thanks, Manoel.

One of the screenshots is not working, could you fix that an let me know, please?

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I’m stuck at the Import/Open Experience section with a problem I can’t figure out. I can create files in the app group container and they are retained after I close the app, but when I open Pages & choose Picker, the file list isn’t displayed.

Thinking I have a bug in my Picker code, I verified all the connections are made per the instructions, have the proper reuse ID set for the prototype cell, etc. I then validated everything against the final code to make sure I hadn’t missed something. Nada.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Using the completed project files, I found that the datasource and delegate outlets for the tableview weren’t connect to the Document Picker View Controller. I didn’t see that in the documented in the tutorial. Once I did that, everything worked correctly.

what will happen to my document picker extension after iOS 11 release

Hi , When I open Pages app and chose location and choose Picker.
The following error message occur. "Failed to launch “Picker” The document picker “Picker” failed to launch(0).
IOS: 10.3.3. (Try both iPad/iphone)


Is there going to be an update for iOS 11?
My implementation for the Document File Provider was fine in iOS10, but my app doesn’t even show as a target in iOS 11.

I’ve managed to get it to show, but it is not selectable, by setting NSExtensionFileProviderSupportsEnumeration (as true) in info.plist.

Looking at the Apple docs, there’s new methods which need overriding, but I’m unsure of what return values it’s expecting.

There seems to be very little information around.


Hey Nick,

Do you mind sharing your sample implementation? I’m about as stuck as you except I’ve been focusing more on displaying in the Files app at Locations. I’ve gotten as far as being able to make a URL request and displaying a list of files/folders and navigating through them. If you would like to see some of my code, I wouldn’t mind sharing either. I’m just a bit confused with iOS 11 because it seems like you cannot make a Document Provider extension anymore. Also, I’m not sure if the DocumentPickerViewController was replaced by the FileProviderUI so there is some fuzziness there as well.

Kind regards,

David Luong

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions regarding it are no longer supported for the moment. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you! :]