IOS Data and Networking equivalent in RW Book?

I was wondering in which books (if there are) I could learn the topics discussed in the learning path section IOS Data & Networking. Im also wondering which book includes the topic of Networking with URLSession and which book includes the topic of GCD .

hi Bruno! GCD is included in Concurrency by Tutorials. Networking and URLSession are chapters in iOS Apprentice

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hi Audrey thanks for your response! I see that the book deals with exactly what the title is, concurrency… isn’t combine also used for concurrency?

hi Bruno! Combine is a whole other book, as is the new Swift concurrency (async/await).

Many people, both in RW and others, are trying to figure out when to use which framework. But the topics in Concurrency, especially GCD, still underpin Combine and Swift concurrency and will help you understand how to use them.

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