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Check out Kodeco’s big list of iOS conferences to attend in 2023. Expand your network, gain valuable insights and enhance your skills in mobile development.

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Hi, everyone! If you have a correction or update, or if you know about a great iOS conference that isn’t listed here, feel free to leave a comment here in the forum!

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On Twitter, Doug, aka
, pointed out that “A lot of mobile development is happening with hybrid frameworks like Capacitor.” He suggested considering “VueConf and other JS framework conferences” as well as straight iOS conferences. There are VueConfs for several different regions including:

  • Last held on the 5th of October, 2022 in Berlin

  • VueConf US: Scheduled for May 24-26 in New Orleans, LA

  • VieConf Toronto: Last held Nov 1-3, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario

There’s a new conference this year that I’m excited for: Apprise in Oslo is taking place later this month and is covering iOS and Android.

Macoun in Frankfurt is back for the first time after the pandemic started and is scheduled for September 23-24.

Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve added it to the list. :slight_smile:

Very cool! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve added it to the list. :slight_smile:

Just updated to correct the dates for this year’s SwiftLeeds after Adam messaged me :wink: and then updated the following conferences (everything we now have dates for) while I was at it. Happy conference-going, dev friends!

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