Ios apprentice update for ios 14?

is the book update for ios 14 planned?
just got my new iMac and thought it might bea good time to refresh my rusty knowledge of the ios programming.
did the book 5-ish years ago and was very impressed.

Hi @zweibier, welcome to the forum community! Congrats on the new Mac :smile:. @hollance is there an update for iOS apprentice with iOS 14 in the works?


I’m the wrong person to ask. :smiley: The book is being updated by other people these days.

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@zweibier Updates will be available eventually, however, my recommendation for you is that if you have purchased the book already, then you are entitled to the updates. Thus, go through the most recent version available to you, and if there are issues that you come across that may be due to the newer version of Swift/iOS/Xcode that you’re using, then please do post those specific questions in the forum here. If you do come across issues, the whole process of debugging, and solving those issues (while frustrating), will definitely help enhance your learning experience. Now that you have your new iMac, it’s best that you put it to good use :wink:

I hope that helps!

All the best.

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