iOS Apprentice 5th Edition: Is Update Free?

I’ve been working on the iOS Apprentice 4th Edition books now for the past few months. I updated to the new version of Xcode today and a million errors came up on my projects. There were a lot of name changes in functions and what have you.

I just want to get the updated solutions and the new 5th edition book.

Is there a free update for customers who bought the 4th Edition? The latest version is not in My Loot yet, but it’s already available in the store. Was wondering how I can get a hold of it.

It is, but we need to wait a little, it’s just a pre-order available now. Was confused, too.

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You have actually posted and asked your question and issue in the wrong thread, forum and category after all for sure and for good indeed: this is an iOS Apprentice related query and you are in the Swift Apprentice forum. Please post your question in the appropriate, corresponding, associated and correct thread over here instead: iOS Apprentice - Forums in order to get a proper answer, reply and solution to it after all for sure and for good indeed. Thank you! :]