iOS Apprentice 4 and Xcode 8

Hey, i know that iOS Apprentice 5 edition will hit Sep. 21. but I am learning from this books right now and wonder should I update my Xcode to version 8 now ? And still learn from iOS Apprentice 4th until 5th edition launch, or maybe changes are too big and learning from 4th edition on Xcode 8 will be to much trouble and mistake?

@jakbuz Thanks very much for your question, and my apologies for the delayed reply. I realize this question is dated, however, I will still give you an answer that will be useful for the future:

Personally, I think the best practice, especially if you’re not too experienced as an iOS developer is to only work with the most stable release. This means that while the newer version is in beta, and is about to be released, what you should do is work with the version you have currently installed, and try to get as familiar with the concepts, and topics as they relate to that version, or up until that point. The betas are precisely that, beta. Nothing is official unless it is released, and, yes it might be exciting to get a head start on some of the new features, but there may be issues that are related to its buggy nature, and you may incorrectly assume that the problem is in fact something that you’ve done :slight_smile: For this reason, I prefer to play it safe, and simply work only with stable versions. This way, once you have upgraded, work with the books, and resources related to it, and you should have smooth sailing :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!