I am looking for an overview of the iOS app development processes. I’ve had many years of software development and desktop applications (the past 20 years with Java) but I’m new to Swift, Xcode and apps. In Java, one can start with a “Hello, World” program and then modify and add to it until you have created any arbitrarily complex and advanced application — Can you do that in Xcode, or do you need to layout your plan for the final app when you start?

I see lots of video courses and some articles of how to do specific things or create a particular type of app — but not how, or if, they fit together or build on each other.

Looking at all the available video courses and articles there seems to be several methods to create an app starting with Storyboards, UIKit, SwiftUI, NIB files (?), or “only code using AutoLayout”. Which are the main methods of building an app and are some of these methods a part of, or a sub-set of, other methods? Can you start with one method and switch to another or use parts of each?

Is there someplace on the web that discusses these topics and others like how connecting IBOutlets to custom code works.


Hi @rickj_rw, welcome to the forum community. I would recommend taking a look at this beginner friendly course
This course covers UIKit (framework that helps you build your app’s interface) and uses a Storyboard (to help visually layout your app). It also covers IBOutlets. From my experience most people I’ve spoken to have used storyboards when they first started off and then either tried or completely switched over to using NIB files and or doing everything programmatically. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you Gina.

I’ve gone back and am currently reviewing some of Apple’s documentations and guides and then I will pick up here with [5993-your-first-ios-and-uikit-app] and move forward.


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