iOS and IOGear RS232 to Bluetooth

I am new to Swift & iPhone apps but a 35 year C/C++ programmer.

I am using your tutorial, Core Bluetooth Tutorial for iOS: Heart Rate Monitor, to connect to a IO Gear RS232 to Bluetooth converter (GBC232A) which is then connected to the RS232 port of a Masimo Rad-8 (Masimo - Rad-G). I am running into a bit of a problem: when I scan for devices, the GBC232A does not show up. My mac is able to detect and connect without an issue.

I have used the IOGear app on the mac to configure the device – not 100% reliably! Is there something I should configure differently? It is setup to securely connect using a password – might that be the problem? The device is setup to be a Master. The other configuration parameters deal with the RS232 side: baud rate, start/stop bits, parity. I have tried to give it a name so I could more easily pick out the device when scanning. Most of the time, my mac is the only thing found. I would expect the other phones in the house to be found as well.

I am sure I am missing something obvious but not obvious to me.

@michaelpasieka Do you still have issues with this?

Yes I am still getting nowhere


Even I have a similar issue. In my case, it’s connecting to most of the devices but except my iPhone. I hope to find a solution to the same.


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