IOS 7 apprentice with objective c pdf

Hi there ,

I would like to know how can i have a copy of the IOS 7 (OBJ C ) 2013 in pdf ?
Thank you

If you’ve purchased IOS 7 By Tutorials, you should be able to download the older Objective-C version (v1.1) from your “loot” page at

Hope that helps!

For the iOS Apprentice the old Objective-C edition is version 2.1 and it is indeed available from your Loot page.

Is it true that I would be able to see the old Objective-C edition in my loot page even if I buy iOS Apprentice today (i.e. the fourth edition)? Or is it only available to people who bought the old Objective-C edition when it came out?

I think everyone gets access to the old versions. If you want to know for sure, use the contact form to ask Ray directly: