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iOS 11 by Tutorials: First 4 Chapters Now Available!

The first four chapters of iOS 11 by Tutorials are now available — and see who won our cover contest!

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@crispy8888 ok, I see the pattern now. the iOS 12 book will have the Shark from Nemo, right?

Actually I was hoping to go with Shark Tales @lolgrep: imagehttp://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/sharktale/images/1/11/Oscar_willsmith_sharktale_1097524257.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110420131915

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The ARKit chapter is awesome! I saw the presentations at WWDC and came aways very impressed with the capabilities. But before I have gone through the example in the book I didn’t realize how simple it is to put to use. Though there is a bug in the code which I had to fix to make it work. @crispy8888 would be happy to share the fixes with the authors.

@videolist Please send along any bugs or fixes to support@razeware.com and we’ll get the message to the authors. Thanks!