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iOS 10 Screencast: iMessage Sticker Packs

iMessage apps are set to be all the rage once iOS 10 is released to the masses - from adding stickers to messages, all the way through to playing interactive games with your friends right inside the Messages app. Start your journey into this new exciting category of apps on iOS 10 by seeing how easy it is to create a sticker pack in Xcode.

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What would you recommend as the min & max number of stickers to include in a pack (for free, and for paid)?

Also, what would you recommended as the max duration of sticker animations?

Hi @cato

I’m afraid I really can’t help you here. Although I know how to make sticker packs, and how they work, I’ve never downloaded or used one.

If I were you I’d do some market research - get hold of a load of available sticker packs (maybe work through the top 20 or so) and see how what they do. Then you’ll have an idea of what the audience finds acceptable.

Sorry I can’t be of more help!


we are already paying…do we have to pay again? why can’t we access this video?

Hi @stelluptech

I think you might have an issue with your account—please contact support@razeware.com and somebody will help you out.