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iOS 10 Screencast: Audio File Speech Transcription

iOS 10 includes a powerful speech recognition API. Discover how to transcribe audio recordings in this iOS 10 screencast.

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Hello Sam,
since Swift has been seeing several updates this lovely app does not compile any more.
However I am learning a lot by debugging unfortunately I’m not skilled enough yet to get it to work.
Will there be possibly an update?
best regards, Jan

Hi @holzmann

Due to their short-and-snappy nature, screencasts don’t get code updates like courses do.

However, since these screencasts were turned into a book, you should be able to find code that’s up-to-date for this topic in there:


You have access to this for free as part of your video subscription.

Hope that helps


Perfect, there it is :slight_smile:
Thank you Sam!

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Hi there. I am building an app and literally need to build something very similar to the speech rap app you made. Code won’t compile. Can you please verify that the tutorial is up-to-date before I buy?

@mazurick Please let us know what errors you get when you get a chance. Thank you!

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It was my fault. It works! Thanks @shogunkaramazov!!! You’re always quick and helpful. 2nd time you helped me:)