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Introducing videos.raywenderlich.com – Discount and Giveaway!

We've launched a complete redesign of the videos section of our site - and we're offering a special discount and giveaway to celebrate!

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Love the tutorials - videos, books, everything. They’re clear, detailed, and easy to follow.

In love with the video tutorial. I have learnt many a concept, especially nsoperation. I even presented the idea of asynchronous nsoperation at a conference. Even though apple talks about this idea in documentation, I would have never understood it without ray wenderlich videos…


What do I like about the video tutorials at raywenderlich.com?

Two things:

  1. They usually start with “What’s up, everyone…?” :wink:
  2. The Challenges!



I like that the tutors / team members presenting the material actually appear in the videos. All of the videos I’ve watched have been easy to follow and clearly represent the topics. The tutors being present in the video also emphasises a sense of community at RayWenderlich.com and in iOS development. :smiley:

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Simple,clear and straight to the point.

What a beautiful redesign !! Once again bowled over completely. RW has really helped me take the plunge to IOS development. It nicely and in a fun way bridges the gap with apple development materials. RW has helped me transition from a typical bookworm to videoworm :)) Now, I believe that videos are the fastest and most efficient way of learning. Best way to invest in sharpening your axe.
Thanks and keep up the amazing work that you guys have been doing !!!

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I like the clean, clear organization of videos. Much cleaner and less cluttered than before. Good work!

I like that almost all the videos I watched have the right amount of new stuff. That way you’re not overwhelmed by new things to learn. It also helps that there’s often additional learning material (playgrounds, slides, source) and a challenge.

What do you like about the video tutorials at raywenderlich.com?

They are pretty clear and focused

The new design is definitely a plus!!! I like the organization of content!!

I love the simplicity and quality of videos/books of raywenderlick, I follow the site since 2010 and with it I could improve a lot my skills in objective C, Learn swift from 0, and follow the news about iOS. This site save me a lot of times in my job. And I can pratice my english too =P. Here in brazil we don’t have any good course or tutorials in Apple World. Best site (Y)

There are two things I love about your videos. First, for me, content has always been king. I’ve tried other sites but, in my opinion, they aren’t really targeted for iOS/macOS developers. Much of the content covers a much broader scope and consequently the content I’m looking for is scant. Secondly, the quality of your instructors is excellent. They exhibit top-notch public speaking and teaching skills. I need this kind of quality to get anything out of video presentations. There is always YouTube but the quality of information and presentation there is very inconsistent. I love my subscription. Please keep the videos coming.

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I love the new design, and that we now have every video tutorial/course in one place. This is amazing!

Really digging the new look… Has that magical RW touch!

Been a video subscriber for over a year and absolutely love what you’re all doing. It’s worth every penny.

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I like everything about the videos. Clarity and challenges are unbeatable … And now, just got better !!!

Personally speaking I love the clarity of the video tutorial, they go deep through the concepts and it is very simple at the same time. The challenge at the end of each video is a good test to see if you’ve understood all of the explained concepts and it also helps to fix it in you mind. Keep up the good work guys

Because you have with all this videos the exact answer to your questions and the best guidelines… There’s no price for this content.

Love the fact that your tutorials are very parallel with real world situations. Your presenters are clear, precise and entertaining to watch. Your videos give a little something for each persons learning preference, be it visual, hands on or just listening. Also love the challenges!!!

The new redesign and features will make it easier to follow along. What i like about the videos are the clarity and the challenges